When an Englishman’s two fingers are more newsworthy than children’s lives

I wonder whether Bahrain security consultant John Yates, probably unemployable in any UK police context following his role in the News International phone-hacking scandal, used his NI contacts to get this piece squeezed in between all the tits ‘n’ bums:


The “two fingers” story has certainly got the Bahrain expat hate community foaming at the mouth in a way that the ‘police’ gassing to death of children never could.

I’ve no idea what happened to this individual, or who cut his fingers off. But I’m curious about (a) what he was doing driving around Karana at in the wee hours, and (b) why, if he came upon trouble, he got out of his car.

What I do know is that a few days before this incident there were expat club bar flies posting on the usual fora about how ‘enough is enough’ and they are going to go down and ‘help the police’….


3 thoughts on “When an Englishman’s two fingers are more newsworthy than children’s lives

  1. Thank you for your honest voice. Today’s world is blind and we, as peoples, must write on the internet and speak on YouTube and TV in order to spread our message which is fairness and justice for all.

  2. Interesting post Mike and great to meet you yesterday. Also missing from how this story is being spun by some is this:

    [Peter Morrissey] refuted allegations that the attack was of a political nature. “I heard it has taken a different turn and people are trying to give it a political angle. But it was just an attempt at theft. I don’t think the attackers had any political motives.”
    Mr. Morrissey moved to Bahrain two months ago. Earlier, he was employed in Saudi Arabia. “I feel safe here and I will continue to stay in Bahrain. People have been so good to me that I find no reason to leave,” he stated.


    • It’s an odd story. There are still unanswered questions: What was he doing in Karana in the early hours? If he ran into trouble, why did he get out of his car? Was he on his own, or with others? Of course, it’s quite possible that this was an attempted robbery, pure and simple. Even if it was, I’m interested not only in the story itself, but the uses to which it is put. Why, where there has been a virtual news blackout on Bahrain, does this story appear in Britain’s best-selling newspaper? Why are this man’s fingers more newsworthy than the carpet-gassing of villages, effectively using CS and other gasses as chemical weapons, in which children die? It this about distorted news values, or is it about something else?

      On a totally different matter, I telephoned Dragon Associates this morning, and asked if they were representing the Bahrain government in any capacity at all. A spokesman said Dragon is only involved with the Bahrain International Circuit. I said “So you’re saying you don’t have any involvement with the political side”. He said “That’s correct.” Interesting….

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