For Bahrain tonight….

For Bahrain tonight, on the first anniversary of their revolution. Martin Luther King:

“We’ve got some difficult days ahead. Like everyone, I’d like to live a long life…but I’m not concerned about this now, I just want to do God’s will…So happy tonight I’m worried about anything, I’m not fearing any man: Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of the Lord!”

Be strong, be brave, whatever they confront you with today. This people has seen the Promised Land….


3 thoughts on “For Bahrain tonight….

  1. And while I’m on the subject of “I fear no man”, here’s the article broadsheet newspaper deleted from their website:

    They appear to have had some interaction with a London (and Lagos) based PR firm (sorry, “an independently owned strategic advisory and
    communications consultancy, which works alongside its clients to help
    deliver their objectives”) called “Dragon Associates”:

    Quite why The Guardian reacted so drastically, I can’t think. Who the hell are Dragon? I phoned Dragon this morning and asked if they did work for the Bahrain government. A spokesperson said emphatically that “We just work for the BIC” (Bahrain International Circuit).

    I’d be an interesting pass-time to get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, whatever: St. George is gonna waste ya!

      • I’ve heard that the faction around the Prime Minister would be secretly GLAD if the F1 was cancelled (although they can’t say so publicly), because it would be another one of the Crown Prince’s pet projects up in smoke. Shows how internally divided the regime is….

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