Updated everyday, Bahrain images as a counter to PR and Propaganda….

I’ll be updating this post on a day-by-day basis with translated images, cartoons, and photographs, to show the world a different view of Bahrain from that supplied by Bahrain “government” propaganda, and the best efforst of PR agencies like Qorvis….

Loss of legitimacy: a “police” station as a torture chamber and pirates’ lair; how most Bahrainis view the security forces.

Loyalism: the “honoured of the nation” are a handful of foreigners waving Saudi and Emirati flags, the “traitors of the nation” are many Bahrainis waving Bahraini flags….

Gulf generation gap: Youth “[The situation] is beyond dangerous”, over-indulged middle aged guy “What’s up with him?”, other middle-aged guy “He says its beyond Qatar!” The joke works on an Arabic play on words “Qatar”/”Khatar” (dangerous, perilous)….

Bahrain sectarianism, “Only in Bahrain: regime loyalists are allowed to gather at places of worship for political ends while worshipers at demolished mosques are violently suppressed.”

The driver of a Saudi-registered muscle car with a Saudi flag in the rear window at a recent “loyalist” rally at Al Fatih Mosque

“The Minister and His forty Thieves”


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