A Return to the Dichotomous East-West Worldviews of the Cold War?: Russian perspective on Bahrain

With all it implies for access to accurate information, are we seeing a new Cold War, with on one side the (English-speaking) West and their proxies in the Middle East, Asia, and elsewhere, on the other side Russia, China, and the other emerging powers of Asia, Africa and Latin America?

Just as the Western media could teach your average Russian a thing or two about what’s really going on in Syria, so this very interesting “Voice of Russia” radio discussion can teach most Westerners things about Bahrain that they’d never know from the British or American media:


As a piece of radio, the production of Voice of Russia’s programme ‘Burning Point’ (a direct translation of a Russian idiom that sounds slightly odd in English) sounds a bit amature by Western standards, but here you can access in English important information:

  • 9th March’s protest was the biggest Bahrain has ever seen, with 300,000 attending
  • only 10% of political power within the ruling family is wielded by King Hamad, the other 90% is with the Prime minister and his proteges
  • the Crown Prince is almost completely marginalized
  • the current British Ambassador has been treated like shit by the regime (all that arse-licking for nothing, Iain!)

And so on. Listen, enjoy, learn, as Russians will have to access Western media to get a better perspective on Syria.

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