March 13th 2011: a tale of two photographs

A vital aspect of the uprisings in the Arabic-speaking world is the GENERATIONAL aspect, the fact that the globally connected younger generation want and deserve so much better than the mediocrity of the corrupt and incompetent gerontocracy that’s typified by Bahrain’s current Prime Minister, 41 years continuously in unelected office since Britain allowed Bahrain to be “independent” in 1971. The young people of Bahrain, the GCC and the entire MENA region deserve so much better.

The University of Bahrain students facing retrial today are in my thoughts and prayers. I swear by almighty God I will do everything in my power to see that sooner or later justice is done. Because justice has not been done to-date.

This is a photograph of the human chain that male undergraduate students formed on the morning of 13th March 2011 to protect their female classmates, young women aged 18-21, from attack when “loyalist” thugs attacked a peaceful demonstration:

Shortly after this picture was taken, the students were attacked by so-called “loyalist” students and pro-regime thugs and vigilantes, supported by the riot police.

That’s when the blood began to run. The next picture shows what they were up against:













I snapped this photo as I escaped from the University of Bahrain’s Al Sakhir campus. As well as carrying an axe, this bultaji is waving a spear.

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