Posted in October 2012

A Creepy Horror Story for Halloween

‘All resemblances to persons living or dead are entirely coincidental’ Men wearing ski masks entered the school bus, the acrid stench of the oil flares mingling with the sweaty air inside the vehicle. ‘Out!’ they ordered. The boys of Year Seven lined up against the sand-coloured bus, this summer afternoon the ambient temperature neared halfway … Continue reading

Mike Diboll: teaching and learning awards and evaluations in higher education, 2010-2012

Below is a teaching observation from the University of Sussex, 21st August 2012: MikeDiboll ObservationPre sess 21Aug2012 (1) In February 2011 I was awarded a Distinction for a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice award. This is a Masters-level award designed to ensure excellence in teaching and learning in Higher Education, delivered on-campus at Bahrain Teachers … Continue reading