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Britain must stop being an abuse facilitator in Bahrain.

Repression in Bahrain has seriously escalated this autumn, with regime hardliners (the usual suspects) seeking to undermine –through leaks to the world media — hitherto behind-the-scenes attempts at dialogue involving moderate regime elements and the mainstream opposition: Meanwhile, a series of small explosions, two in the village of Ekar in October, and five in … Continue reading

Letter to Dr. Mike Diboll from the University of Bahrain

Today I begin publishing correspondence relating to the dispute between myself and my former employers, the University of Bahrain. The rationale for this is: The correspondence shows the UoB to be in gross violation of international norms of academic freedom and best practice Exposing the UoB’s dealings with me might help others in Bahrain who … Continue reading

My 25th January Letter to the FCO

My 25th January Letter to the FCO

This is my 25th January letter to a Mr. Layfield at the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Gulf Team. He wrote in response to a letter from my wife in the discrepancy between the FCO’s line on Syria, and that on Bahrain. This was a bit of a turn up for the books, since nobody … Continue reading