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Bahrain Polytechnic: new evidence casts doubt on the rigour of the BICI, and on the credibility of ‘reform’ in Bahrain

Higher Education reform in Bahrain: 2008-2011  “In failing to differentiate Bahrain Polytechnic’s relationship with the Ministry of Education from the University of Bahrain’s relationship with the Ministry, the BICI  have been complicit in the extension of state power into hitherto legally autonomous institutions. I’m sure that this was done unwittingly on the Commissioners’ part, but … Continue reading

Mike Diboll: teaching and learning awards and evaluations in higher education, 2010-2012

Below is a teaching observation from the University of Sussex, 21st August 2012: MikeDiboll ObservationPre sess 21Aug2012 (1) In February 2011 I was awarded a Distinction for a Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice award. This is a Masters-level award designed to ensure excellence in teaching and learning in Higher Education, delivered on-campus at Bahrain Teachers … Continue reading

risaalatiy al maftoo7ah lir-ra2iys jaami3at l-ba7rayn ebraahim l-janaa7iy

risaalatiy al maftoo7ah lir-ra2iys jaami3at l-ba7rayn ebraahim l-janaa7iy

الدكتور مايك ديبول على مدى الأيام الثلاثة الماضية، قرأ 6,500 بحريني الرسالةَ المفتوحة التي كتبتُها إلى رئيس جامعة البحرين إبراهيم رسالتي المؤرخة في مارس/آذار 2012 هي: سيدي، إنني أكتب إليكم في الذكرى السنوية الأولى لأحداث العنف التي وقعت يوم 13 مارس/آذار 2011 في الحرم الجامعي بالصخير التابع لجامعة البحرين. وقد لجأت للكتابة إليكم علنا عبر … Continue reading

The Rape of Bahrain Polytechnic

The Rape of Bahrain Polytechnic

In a gesture of insult to the international higher education community, the Bahrain regime has chosen the anniversary of the University of Bahrain violence to complete its violation of Bahrain Polytechnic, established in 2008 when the Bahrain 2030 Vision still meant something to supply the kind of quality higher education that the criminally incompetent University … Continue reading

Letter to Dr. Mike Diboll from the University of Bahrain

Today I begin publishing correspondence relating to the dispute between myself and my former employers, the University of Bahrain. The rationale for this is: The correspondence shows the UoB to be in gross violation of international norms of academic freedom and best practice Exposing the UoB’s dealings with me might help others in Bahrain who … Continue reading

Index on Censorship’s “Spotlight on 14th February”

Index on Censorship’s “Spotlight on 14th February” Here’s my contribution: THE DOWNSIDE TO INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION PARTNERSHIPS I worked in higher education in Bahrain at the College of Arts, University of Bahrain from 2007-2008, and at Bahrain Teachers College, University of Bahrain — founded in 2008 as a key part of the Crown Prince’s “Bahrain 2030 Vision” … Continue reading