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Letter to Dr. Mike Diboll from the University of Bahrain

Today I begin publishing correspondence relating to the dispute between myself and my former employers, the University of Bahrain. The rationale for this is: The correspondence shows the UoB to be in gross violation of international norms of academic freedom and best practice Exposing the UoB’s dealings with me might help others in Bahrain who … Continue reading

Otokar aren’t helping Justice and Development in Bahrain (Adalet ve Kalkınma), write to protest!

The Bahrain ‘police’ play with their latest toys on 14th February 2012: These are Turkish-built Otokar Cobras, a light armoured car assembled using an American HUMVEE engine and drive-chain: The Cobra is a cheap machine, supplied to forces in such as those of Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Caucasian CIS republics. It’s chief advantage … Continue reading

Infra Dignitatem: Iain Lindsay’s latest insult to the dignity becoming a British Ambassador

British Ambassador to Bahrain Iain Lindsay’s sky-diving stunt at the recent Bahrain International Airshow was bad enough, an “everything’s back to normal” stunt that combined a gross disrespect to the sufferings of the Bahraini people with the toe-curling embarrassment one feels at the sight of a break-dancing vicar or a middle-aged dad wearing a back-to-front … Continue reading