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Britain must stop being an abuse facilitator in Bahrain.

Repression in Bahrain has seriously escalated this autumn, with regime hardliners (the usual suspects) seeking to undermine –through leaks to the world media — hitherto behind-the-scenes attempts at dialogue involving moderate regime elements and the mainstream opposition: Meanwhile, a series of small explosions, two in the village of Ekar in October, and five in … Continue reading

Why Bahrain?

Why Bahrain?

Today has proved to be this blog’s most successful day yet in terms of hits, it’s 19.30 GMT here in Sussex, and so far 2,000 people have looked at my blog. Today is the first anniversary of the violent incident on-campus at the University of Bahrain which took place on 13th March 2011, and proved … Continue reading

Identity and Literature: Re-imagining the Past in Egypt, the Gulf and the West

I wrote this in response to the post “From Whence ‘Authentic’ Egyptian Literary Culture?” at: “It would be interesting to hear how novelist Gamal al-Ghitani might respond to Tamim al-Barghouti‘s recent points about the nature of authentic* Egyptian culture. Al-Barghouti, during his talk at the mid-February “Narrating the Arab Spring” conference, said that Pharaonic history, as it … Continue reading

Otokar aren’t helping Justice and Development in Bahrain (Adalet ve Kalkınma), write to protest!

The Bahrain ‘police’ play with their latest toys on 14th February 2012: These are Turkish-built Otokar Cobras, a light armoured car assembled using an American HUMVEE engine and drive-chain: The Cobra is a cheap machine, supplied to forces in such as those of Bangladesh, Pakistan and the Caucasian CIS republics. It’s chief advantage … Continue reading