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Bahrain Polytechnic: new evidence casts doubt on the rigour of the BICI, and on the credibility of ‘reform’ in Bahrain

Higher Education reform in Bahrain: 2008-2011  “In failing to differentiate Bahrain Polytechnic’s relationship with the Ministry of Education from the University of Bahrain’s relationship with the Ministry, the BICI  have been complicit in the extension of state power into hitherto legally autonomous institutions. I’m sure that this was done unwittingly on the Commissioners’ part, but … Continue reading

Letter to Dr. Mike Diboll from the University of Bahrain

Today I begin publishing correspondence relating to the dispute between myself and my former employers, the University of Bahrain. The rationale for this is: The correspondence shows the UoB to be in gross violation of international norms of academic freedom and best practice Exposing the UoB’s dealings with me might help others in Bahrain who … Continue reading

Dr. Mike Diboll’s Testimony on 13th March 2011

Dr. Mike Diboll’s Testimony on 13th March 2011

On the occasion of the re-trial of people convicted in connection with the 13th March 2011 incident at the University of Bahrain, this is a re-post of  the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights article of 28th November 2011, which was based on testimony I submitted to the BICI in September. I submitted some 15,000 words … Continue reading